Saturday, June 28, 2008

Back of your head

A quick note, because I know nothing about the album other than it exists, comes after Hard Nose, and is from the seventies.

But what makes me smile a little every time is the fact that I subconsciously know every song on Van Morisson's Veedon Fleece without ever having put the album on. It's one of the albums that I've just heard my entire life, played from my parent's various stereos since I was born.

But really, I don't know the song titles very well, I couldn't hum it to you if you asked, but if it comes on shuffle or what have you, I'll know it instantly. It's a great thing. Another one of those little "ahh, music" moments.

In terms of familiarity, though, there's one exception to the album, and that's the fact that one of my favorite songs of all time is on it.

Linden Arlen Stole the Highlights is one of my favorite all time songs. I am tempted to put the lyrics up here, but that'd ruin the surprise (but honestly, they "get" me every time, still). Needless to say, I'm putting emphasis on the words because of all the genre of "story songs," I think this is the best. And that's not even talking about the delivery!

Van the Man. Oh, my boy.

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