Thursday, July 24, 2008

Mondays are alright.

(This blog blows, thus you have to copy the image to your desktop to see the whole thing grr)

A lot of people hate Garfield.

I don't hate Garfield. I learned to read from Garfield!


I have two favorite Garfield strips:

This is one:

And this is my all-time favorite:

Garfield is not always funny. These days, it is certainly rare, because it is easy to spot the trends in storylines. This week, for instance, it is Spider Week. There is Fern Week, Bird Week, TV Week, Kick Odie Week, Jon's date Week (though this is a little different now). There are a few exceptions to this. I can remember only twice that Garfield has had a storyline that lasted more than a week.

One was great, where Garfield gets lost in the nameless city he lives in:

This actually lasted an entire month!

It had some surprisingly emotional moments, as Garfield ends up meeting his Mother:

But in the end, after almost freezing to death, he makes it home:

Wow, a month long storyline on Garfield!

You know, I remember another, where Garfield joins a circus... I think.

Of course, there is also the week where Garfield is dead.

But that's another story!

P.S. Bonus Totally Lame Quote From Jim

"I wanted to create a symbol of what I think of pathetic humans, but my stupid syndicate made sure that I didn't offend anyone. So I had to be extra careful with Odie's post-modern symbolism."

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Hey! It's real!

Attention: I have gone back to a few old posts and refined the ideas. Mostly, I've added more thoughts to the barebones things I said. The Pumpkins and Bowie posts have the most additions, but feel free to revisit whatever you'd like. Hitched to some Rainbow.