Tuesday, March 11, 2008


At some point recently I wanted to name an album something like "riding a rainbow" or something equally drippy yet descriptive of my feelings. Radiohead went and ruined it for everyone!!!

I mean, not really. A) In Rainbows is better than anything I've done, and B) Riding a Rainbow is a shit title.

But Radiohead isn't all roses, either. They've got great songs, great albums. BUT!

What about the songs that people (who aren't already avid Radiohead fans) know about?

There are a few obvious ones, most of which I'll talk about here.

For 10 years, the most obvious (maybe second most) was Nude, or Big Ideas, or Your Home is at Risk if you fail to keep up with Repayments." They played it, everyone loved it, then it wasn't on Kid A, and everyone was sad. Everyone was happy later when they released it on In Rainbows, but some people were obviously saddened that it meant it was no longer special to hear it in concert.

But there are three other songs that are the real crimes.

One of which is easy, as it's been released officially.

It's called Cuttooth, and it's their best song. It was supposed to be on Amnesiac, but at the last minute it was replaced with Hunting Bears. I used to love Hunting Bears, but i can't justify being into it when it replaced such a wonder as Cuttooth.

Cuttooth (from the Knives Out single)

The second one is called Follow Me Around, which was in the movie Meeting People is Easy played in the background at a Soundcheck. It's a wonderful song, that thankfully pops up in live sets now and then (rarer than Nude, certainly). This live version is from 2000, which is the version I've had for years, and am used to it's semi-poor quality.

Hopefully someday they record that one.

Follow Me Around

But, of course, the most infamous Radiohead song is Lift.
When they started playing Lift in 1996, everyone really went bonkers. "This is the song!" Everyone said. Their label was stoked, they were all like "ooh, first single, etc" and stuff. And rightly so, because it's amazing:

And the band recorded it for OK Computer, too! But for some reason, they were just like.. Nah. Don't like it anymore. They never played it again.


Of course, they'd dramatically rearranged the song, and everyone was sad. Except for me, who likes this version equally to the old. They recorded it for Hail to the Theif, but again, they were just like... Nah.

Neither version of Lift was on a b-side, either. It's sad. But people still keep up hope! When the tracklist of In Rainbows was announced, one semi-popular theory was that MK1 and MK2 would be the two versions of Lift. That's silly, of course, but people still dream.

First Lift
Second Lift

I hope someday, Radiohead looks back and goes "wait wait, did we say Nah? shit, we fucked up."

But you know, whatevz. We can wait another 10 years.